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P.C.D. Tooling

PCD Tooling

PCD Tooling

PCD stands for polycrystalline diamond, which in this instance is diamond tooling which is designed, manufactured and serviced in conjunction with a well-established and experienced partner company to Gerrymet.

A diamond tool contains diamond grains that are usually fixed with a bonding material into the functional parts of the tools.

Whilst PCD tools are becoming increasingly popular, and are generally recommended when cutting/machining abrasive materials, it should be noted that if it doesnt work with tungsten carbide, it is highly unlikely to work with a PCD tool.

In short, PCD tipped tooling gives a significant increase in tool life between sharpening, compared to tungsten carbide tooling.

Please see below links to some of the PCD router tooling that we can supply.

Please contact the technical team at Gerrymet who can advise you on the right type of tooling for your application. Please telephone via the number below.